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InTalksicated Reviews is a separate feed of InTalksicated Podcast specifically for tv and movie booze-induced reviews and recaps. Corey covers the latest in tv and movies, as well as revisiting your old favourites with special guests and stand up comedians.


Apr 25, 2019

90s Proof is back this week with one of the most 90s musical acts Kid 'n Play in their film debut House Party.  Corey is joined by Bryant through all this movies foot tapping action and they answer questions like How can anyone like dancing this much? Does Kid really think his hair is cool? How old is the Full...

Apr 18, 2019

R and R is again back this week with the much anticipated 8th Season of Game of Thrones. Corey is joined by Intalksicated's host Sarah to dive back into the world of Ice and Fire and answer questions like Who will live? Who will die? and will anyone get a happy ending?

Apr 11, 2019

Time for a little R & R cause Recap and Refill is back! Corey is joined by Jen this week to talk about Jordan Peele's 2nd film "Us". Corey and Jen dive in to this follow up to his debut hit "Get Out" and answer questions like How gorgeous is Lupita Nyong'o? How scary is Lupita Nyong'o? Is Corey reading too much into...

Apr 3, 2019

This week 90s Proof is back and this week with one of the most off the rails episode of Intalksicated Reviews. Corey and Bryant are joined by Andre (kind of) to talk about almost anything but a episode of Full House that has some shades of "Operation Varsity Blues" called "Be True to your Preschool". Our hosts...