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InTalksicated Reviews is a separate feed of InTalksicated Podcast specifically for tv and movie booze-induced reviews and recaps. Corey covers the latest in tv and movies, as well as revisiting your old favourites with special guests and stand up comedians.


Dec 27, 2017

Happy Boxing Day everyone, 90's Proof is back on Intalksicated Reviews with Gladiator, no not that Gladiator, the 1992 movie about boxing (see what I did there). Tune in (aka download) and hear answers to questions like What is a pseudonym? Can you really be mad at a guy who knows what a pseudonym is? Can you make too...

Dec 21, 2017

 Intalksicated Reviews has a new episode theme, Ben Afflection where I get to express my affection for Ben Affleck. this week was bring you the Christmas Classic Reindeer Games starring Charlize Theron, Gary Sinise and of course the great Ben Affleck.

Dec 12, 2017

80's Proof is back with the Michael Dudikoff vehicle American Ninja. Bryant and Corey are joined by comedian Mike Macqueen to answer questions like Are ninja's scared of water? Did we just watch a stuntman die? Does the rocket launcher have a power cord? Is this the first autistic ninja? While still trying to sell out...

Dec 10, 2017

BONUS EPISODE! We re-released "The Room" episode, originally posted on Intalksicated just in time for the "Disaster Artist". The movie group drinks Scotchka and bonds over the most beautiful train wreck of a movie "The Room".

Dec 5, 2017

Another Episode of 80's Proof this week bring Bryant and Corey back to Camp Crystal Lake cause they watched Friday the 13th part 6: Jason Lives. They talk about things like, How many TV show from the 70's or 80's can they relate to this movie? whats up with the names of the characters? Do the cops ever want to do their...